D.L. Spitznogle

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   Linus Locke is the pen name for American writer D.L. Spitznogle, and has just released the first book using his real name, Of Onyx and Light. He is currently living in Southern California, but he was born in raised in small town Iowa. He loves the small town lifestyle that Iowa provided, but prefers the warmth and lack of snow of California.

   Dustin has had a passion for writing that goes back to childhood. In elementary school he wanted to write X-Men comics (which he still thinks would be amazing). As he made his way through high school, his love of Stephen King novels and horror movies refueled that passion for writing, and he shifted his focus to writing horror.

   It wasn't until after making it to college in his late 20's that that passion was fully ignited during his English Comp classes. These classes showed him how little he knew of writing, and what he learned spurred him to try his hand at writing his own novel.

   Decay: Civilization was the first novel hewrote. He chose to write it under the pen name Linus Locke for something simpler and easier to remember than Dustin Spitznogle. Although he is now writing as D.L. Spitznogle, he has stated that Linus Locke still has stories to tell.